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“I currently have two daughters taking singing lessons from Maripat. They have only been taking lessons for about six weeks, and their vocal skills have improved drastically. Their confidence has soared! Maripat speaks to my daughters in such a respectful and encouraging manner. She knows how to critique without being critical and making them feel discouraged. Her explanations on how to use their mouth, how to visualize words and sounds, how to manipulate their name conveyed so simply that they easily grasp these skills. Maripat has been such a joy to have found. My daughters are blossoming with their singing skills thanks to her knowledge and ability to teach and encourage. There are those that can teach and there are those that can 'do'...Maripat can do both!


Vanessa Sichmeller, mother of Nicolette and Delilah

Hello, my name is Anthony Contreras and I have been working with Maripat Davis and Allan Hunt at the Actors and Singers Studio, for over a year. The Studio has been a great place to practice scene study and improv. The Actors Studio is the perfect place for someone just starting out or a veteran looking to stretch your legs and keep your craft strong. No judgements, no expectations, just a comfortable environment to help you get out of your comfort zone. The confidence I have gained from the work we put in and encouragement from Maripat and Allan, has helped propel my career forward in the short time I have been working as an actor. I have been a Guest Star on two cable TV shows, had supporting roles in Short Films, a supporting role in a Stage Play, and just booked my first Principal role on a TV show which got me Taft-Hartleyed, allowing me to join SAG-AFTRA. If you’re looking to have some fun, learn a thing or two about yourself, comfortably get out of your comfort zone and act like someone you’ve never been, come on out to he Actors and Singers Studio and join the party!

Anthony Contreras, Actor

“When I first started working with you, I would lose my voice after literally three songs in practice. Now, I can rehearse for three hours straight and sound as good at the end as I do at the beginning. By teaching me how to relax while still producing good tone and volume, you’ve helped make my vocals a reliable instrument that serves our songs well. I get compliments on my singing now, and I think we know who to thank for that!”


Guy Guyadeen, Musician and Songwriter


“This is truly a very warm and caring environment for actors! New and seasoned alike, we all get to have fun and learn from each other as well as from our AMAZING teachers! Excellent material to work with, fantastic workout sessions and stellar feedback to help you with your craft. Bravo! Thank you so much for a fantastic experience!

Linda Poff, Voice Actor


“I had always been happy with my range, but last winter, I saw that I was missing a lot of high notes. My eye, ear, nose and throat doctor told me that I had what looked like a callous on one of my vocal chords, and that I should see a voice teacher to learn some techniques so that I would stop abusing my voice. I was referred to Maripat, and during our first lesson, she diagnosed my problem and gave me exercises that started helping right away. After about 5 months of weekly lessons, my range is back to where it should be and I don’t sound like Barry White for two days after every gig. Maripat is very patient and professional, and is a lot of fun to work with, too.”


Barry Davis, Musician and Songwriter

“Maripat is an accomplished singer, performer, and teacher. She is equally accessible to teens, children and adults. She has the ability to help even non-singers like me, as well as naturally gifted singers. Her singing techniques also improve the speaking voice. She especially recognizes the importance of performance, emphasizing movement and presentation. Her showcases are a valuable opportunity for her students to learn how to work in front of a live audience in a public yet supportive atmosphere. She is a very user-friendly teacher.”


Carol Jobson, former Touring Lighting Director for Van Morrison


“The Actor's & Singers Studio is a place for someone new to the business or for the working actor to "keep the machine oiled." I've been attending workshops for many years. First, with Charlie Davis, and now Maripat and Allan Hunt. Each one of them is an experienced entertainer with their own long list of credits. The atmosphere is warm, casual, fun and invigorating. Maripat and Allan really want the student to succeed and will coach you to get the best out of you. Working with them and the dramatic and comedic scenes and monologues from the Studios' extensive archive, has aided me in attaining roles for stage and television, and my ongoing commitment to become a better actor.


Keith High, Actor

“I am a classically trained singer, and have performed with the Los Angeles Master Chorale, and have sung behind Michael Crawford, the well-known ‘Phantom’ from ‘Phantom of the Opera.’ Maripat allows me to sing a broad variety of material—Classical, Pop, Country, R&B, Jazz and Musical Theater. More importantly, Maripat is knowledgeable about these varied styles. She is able to teach me how to ‘switch’ gears, so that I can sing in different styles. I have had a blast singing with Maripat over the past 3 years! But my lessons have been more than just fun—they have also been challenging! In the past, I performed most of my singing in a group context, but singing as a soloist has forced me out of my comfort zone. Taking singing lessons and performing in shows for Maripat, has helped me become more comfortable and confident not only with solo singing, but also with public speaking, and everyday social and business interactions. Singing with Maripat, I have grown not only as a soloist, but also as a whole person.”


Maria Dimaano, Singer

“Maripat Davis has been a wonderful inspiration in my life. She helped me to be more open and confident. As an actress, I was already somewhat comfortable performing onstage, as long as there was no singing involved. I was absolutely terrified of singing, and she helped me realize that singing is just like acting, except with the added fun of carrying a tune. Since I’ve always idolized people who could sing, I have a great appreciation for what Maripat has taught me. I have learned so much from her in the past year, and the amount of confidence I’ve gained from her guidance, is irreplaceable.”


Dianne Jobson, Theater Major

“Before I came to Maripat’s class, I had my share of bad voice teachers and was beginning to think there was nobody out there who could teach me about singing. After a few of Maripat’s classes, I found myself amazed that someone could teach me so much about singing, and be so incredibly kind at the same time. I am very grateful that I am in her class.”


Taylor Lutzker, performed on ‘America’s Most Talented Kids’ and ‘L.A. Idol’

“I had such an excellent personal experience that I enrolled my 8-year-old daughter and my 8-year-old niece in Maripat’s singing classes. What fun they had! What creative learning they now know! Singing and performing have been an excellent lesson in these girls’ self-discovery. Maripat has had a direct effect on their self-esteem and can-do-it-iveness! I would recommend her classes and her teaching to anyone. She makes class fun, the learning is tangilble, and her musical productions are invaluable. Furthermore, I have found her classes to be good for the regeneration of my soul.”


Katherine (Dee Dee) Haury, Actress

“Maripat is an amazing teacher. With this singing competition I am in, I have been thinking more and more about the scared little girl who first started coming to class. It’s amazing how much I have grown—vocally and professionally—in these past three years. When I first started with Maripat, I never could have imagined doing what I am doing. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else!”


Casey Jane Gable, Singer

“Maripat has years of performing and teaching experience, that she shares with her students. Right from the start, she was encouraging and welcoming. She provides a very comfortable atmosphere in which to explore your voice. Thanks to Maripat, I have gained confidence, and now I actually enjoy performing.”


Kari Gravrock, Teacher

“A great workshop for actors of any experience level. They are experienced in both stage and film, and can instantly size up a scene or performance and find things to make it better. They have a positive and personal approach that calms the nerves, and a great sense of humor, which makes the learning process very enjoyable.”


Rob Goldman, Actor and Co-Author of ‘Always an Angel’

“The acting and singing is a wonderful new adventure for me, and I am really enjoying it. I feel so fortunate to have found the Actors & Singers Studio. Maripat is very patient and caring. I have gained a great deal of confidence singing with a microphone, and singing in my middle and lower range. The showcases have been a great experience. I love every minute of it!


Sandy Bell, Retired Business Professional

“Maripat Davis provides the awareness of voice enhancement, complete with illustrative examples, and then the methodology for effecting the improvements necessary to develop and augment the total voice experience. I have, in the few months I have been working with Ms. Davis, developed an appreciation, understanding, and a few techniques, to reach that objective.”


Don Murdoch, Actor

“When I started singing, I had no strength or confidence in my singing abilities. After just a few lessons with Maripat, I could see a lot of improvement and feel much better about my singing voice.”


Eric Severns, Musician

“Maripat’s encouragement and enthusiasm gave me the confidence I needed to perform. I also enjoyed the friendly atmosphere I felt everytime I went to class.”


LuAnne Stephan, Singer/Entertainer

“Maripat helped me choreograph the song ‘Chicago’ and I feel that her teaching helped me get to the finals in a contest I was recently in. I’m 71-years-old, and I feel that Maripat helped me to have as clear of a voice as I do. Singing and the contest was really a thrill and I feel I owe a lot of my success to Maripat’s teaching and support.”

Conrad Wright, Semi-Finalist on ‘America’s Got Talent’—Chosen to sing National Anthem at Dodger Stadium

“Taking singing lessons with Maripat creates self-esteem in a nurturing environment. I’ve met some really nice and extremely talented people, young and old, in group lessons. Being able to perform in her shows allows everyone to showcase their ability and their hard work. Working with Maripat is definitely worth the money, and what she has taught me is priceless!”


Kathy Taylor, Small Business Owner

“Maripat is a wonderful singing teacher. She has given me the ability and technique to get up and sing the best I can. I am very happy that I take singing lessons with her. Because she is an amazing and nice person, I feel very comfortable singing with her and everyone else. My family and I LOVE her!”


Ahna Newstadt, Teen

“I had never sung in front of someone before, but Maripat made me feel comfotable and allowed me to discover and appreciate my own voice. She focuses on the fundamentals and it’s very impressive to hear the improvement when you learn to do something so simple as sing your vowels properly. I would recommend Maripat Davis to anyone who is serious about learning how to sing, and more importantly, how to exercise and protect your voice from damage caused by singing improperly.”


Tom Costanzo, Lead Singer in the band ‘Tom and the Weather’

“When I first started, Maripat helped me learn the basics, and then we moved on to more challanging techniques, better breath control and stronger stage presence. The studio is always welcoming and comfortable, which helped me feel more secure. I rely on all Maripat has taught me when I audition, and when I’m on stage.”


Nelson Lopez, Musical Theater Performer

“Michelle really likes Maripat’s singing class. Michelle loves to sing, and this class has helped her to sing with confidence. Michelle now has the courage to audition for her school musicals.”

Shelley Whyte, mother of Michelle (pre-teen)

“Wow! I have been taking singing lessons with Maripat for three years and I’ve loved every second of it. Thank you Maripat, for all you’ve done for me. You truly are one of a kind!”


Penelope Gaddis, Teen

“Singing lessons provide a time for me to have fun, relax, and get away from the stress of school. Singing lessons have not only made me a better singer, but it has made me a better, more confident public speaker.”


Lily Lethbridge, Teen

“I really feel that Nicole has gained confidence and poise that she hasn’t achieved in acting or modeling classes, from the past years. I think your background and experience, manifests into your students.”


Rebecca Jusino, mother of Nicole

“Working with Maripat has helped build my confidence and made singing an enjoyable experience for me”


Sharon Benjamin, Therapist

“Gabriella comes home so excited from class. She is working so hard and feels so good that her hard work is paying off. We feel very blessed to have found you!!”


Trisha Perez, mother of Gabriella (pre-teen)

“I am so grateful for you helping and training my voice. Everyone says that since I’ve been taking lessons with you, I’ve improved so much! I’ve also improved my stage performances, with your help. I’d like to thank you for sticking with me. You’re a wonderful, loving teacher.”


Meredith Saier, Teen

“I appreciate all of the hard work and effort that you put into the shows. You have really helped me a lot. You are helping me to achieve my dreams, and there is no way that I can thank you enough!”


Kelby Lutzker, Teen Musician

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